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“The US Military’s Diversity Is Part of Its Strength”

“The United States Armed Forces has done some of its greatest work when it has dismantled barriers to service and opened its ranks to Americans of different backgrounds and identities. Inclusivity within the U.S. military has been hard-fought but admittedly slow. Black service members have fought in every single war since America’s founding, but were not permitted Read More

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“U.S. Appeals Court Rules Against Trump on DACA Immigration Program”

    “A U.S. appeals court in California ruled on Thursday that President Donald Trump’s administration must continue a program begun under former President Barack Obama that protects hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who were brought into the country as children.” November 12, 2018.  Read at:

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“At the shrine of first U.S. saint, who came to America as an immigrant”

“Born in Italy, Cabrini dreamt of working in China, but was sent to the United States instead, arriving in 1889. The contempt held for Italian-American immigrants at that time can hardly be overstated. They were seen as not white, lower than even the hated Irish, sometimes lynched — the largest mass lynching in the United Read More

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“The Trump admin sent him ‘home’ to a land where slavery lives on”

“The agents came for Issa Sao just before midnight. For nearly five months, the 37-year-old had been moved from one detention center to another, hoping the United States would not send him back to a country that had jailed, tortured and expelled him.” November 12, 2018.  Read at:

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“Why the lessons of Kristallnacht must guide our debate over migrants in America today”

“Eighty years ago, racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism in America, not Europe, made it impossible for Jewish asylum seekers to find a new home and condemned them to death. As we listen to the conversation surrounding the asylum seekers from Central America and listen to Trudeau’s apology this week “to the mothers and fathers whose children Read More

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“ACLU goes to court to challenge Trump’s new asylum ban”

    “The American Civil Liberties Union is seeking a court injunction to block President Donald Trump’s new restrictions on asylum, arguing in a lawsuit filed Friday that the policy violates federal immigration law.” November 12, 2018.  Read at:

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“Visa Bulletin For November 2018”

November 01, 2018.  Read at:

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“Central America’s Violent Northern Triangle”

“The region remains menaced by corruption, drug trafficking, and gang violence despite tough police and judicial reforms. While the United States has provided the three governments billions of dollars in aid over the past decade, some analysts believe U.S. immigration policies have exacerbated threats to regional security.” October 26, 2018.  Read at:

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“Trump’s Cuts to Central America Aid Will Lead to More Caravans”

  “Given Congress’s power of the purse, acting on these threats is likely illegal. More importantly, however, it would be counterproductive. Not only would such a pullback swell this human tide, it would squander the hard-earned gains and lessons of a decade-long effort to make Central American nations better places to live than to leave.” Read More

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“Tech firms make millions from Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda, report finds”

“Amazon, Palantir and Microsoft provide tools that aid surveillance, detention and deportation, according to report” October 24, 2018.  Read at:

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