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“The sins of racism and family separation erode the sanctity of life”

“‘Every racist act — every such comment, every joke, every disparaging look as a reaction to the color of skin, ethnicity or place of origin — is a failure to acknowledge another person as a brother or sister, created in the image of God. In these and in many other such acts, the sin of Read More

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“Award-winning teachers plan ‘Teach-In For Freedom’ to remind Americans that thousands of immigrant kids are being held in border camps — and to call for their release”

“Teachers are “mandatory reporters,” meaning they are required by law to report suspected child abuse to responsible authorities. With that responsibility in mind, Mandy Manning, the 2018 National Teacher of the Year, has brought teachers and others together in a new group called Teachers Against Child Detention. It is planning a 10-hour “Teach-In for Freedom” on Read More

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“Trump Admin Says It’s Too Hard To Reunite Thousands Of Separated Families: Court Filing”

“… officials from the Trump administration said it would require too much effort to reunite the thousands of families it separated before implementing its “zero-tolerance” policy in April,accordingto a declaration filed as part of an ongoing lawsuit between the American Civil Liberties Union and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” February 06, 2019.  Read at:

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“ICE Let Sexual Assault Reports Slide At Migrant Detention Centers Run By Contractors: Inspector General”

“Federal immigration officials are not adequately policing contractors running immigrant detention centers where serious problems are often going unreported, according to a report the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security released last week.” February 06, 2019.  Read at:

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“Immigration lawyers blast delays in citizenship, green cards”

  “Immigration lawyers on Wednesday blasted delays in the U.S. government’s handling of applications for citizenship, green cards and other immigration benefits.    The American Immigration Lawyers Association said the wait times nearly doubled over a four-year period while the number of immigration applications rose only slightly.” February 04, 2019.  Read at:

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“Report: ICE arrests of undocumented immigrants at Pennsylvania courthouses scare away victims, witnesses”

 “ICE generally refrains from making arrests in churches, schools, hospitals, and college campuses, operating under what are called “sensitive locations” guidelines. That guidance does not cover courthouses, which have become a battleground: ICE says its actions are consistent with long-standing law-enforcement practices, while immigration advocates and some judges say courts are being undermined because undocumented victims Read More

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“Government Quietly Increases ICE Detention to 48,000 Beds During the Shutdown”

  “Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) drastically expanded its network of immigration jails in the last month by a startling 7 percent. ICE now holds about 48,000 individuals in its jails and private prisons, even though Congress has only appropriated funds for them to detain 40,500 individuals on any given day.” February 03, 2019.  Read Read More

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“ICE Confirms Force-Feeding Of Detainees On Hunger Strike”

“‘They have tubes that have been shoved through their noses and IV’s giving them fluids. It’s extremely painful and it’s against their will,’  Kaur told NPR, adding that as recently as Thursday morning her clients told her in a phone conversation that they are experiencing nasal and rectal bleeding and vomiting.” February 03, 2019.  Read Read More

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“Detainee on hunger strike describes being force-fed three times a day”

 “Nine men — up from six earlier this week — are being force-fed under court order in a detention center in El Paso, Texas, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said. One of the hunger strikers, a 22-year-old man from India who called The Associated Press on Friday, described how he is dragged from his cell three times Read More

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“Visa Bulletin For February 2019”

February 02, 2019.  Read at:

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